Thursday, July 4, 2013


Terry and I decided to go to Norwich to the Classic Car Museum   We met up in Morris and took my car and drove to Norwich.  
This museum is wonderful. It does not look like much from the front, in fact it looks small, but it is HUGE. Cars are displayed in various rooms by various themes, with spots to sit and watch informational videos along the way.   We split up and took our time going through it.  There are five rooms, each themed, and the presentation is really good.  There is also a guide available to answer questions.

In the gift shop, I purchased some postcards to send to my grandkids for their postcard collections.  I asked the clerk in the gift shop if she could recommend a good place for lunch and she said BILL"S DINER which was just around the corner on Route 12.

It does not look like much from the outside, but inside it is just fine.  They have a pretty big menu, and they offered a lot of specials for Independence Day.  Terry ordered the steak sandwich, and I ordered the Greek combo.  (three Greek items).  My meal was delicious and it included a cup of soup (I chose Pasta Fazoole) and a salad for a reasonable price. Our waitress was a bit "out of it", but another waitress responded when we needed refills on our water, etc.

We drove to the Coventry area to see if I could find the old general store that someone posted in flickr.  I found the road, and had a choice to turn left or right onto it, and I chose right, which was a mistake.  It was a dirt/stone road, very narrow and when I got to the end of it, I was relieved to be off of it, but no store, so I had made the wrong choice.  But now I know where the road is and can return sometime and go in the opposite direction.

From there we got on 206 and drove to Bainbridge, and got on Route 7.  We stopped for ice cream, and again at an antique/consignment store in Unadilla, which turned out to be closed.  After dropping Terry off in Morris, I stopped by the farmers market behind the fire hall, in hopes of purchasing a fresh tomato, but they did not have any.  It is probably too early.   It was a great day but very tiring (I think because of the high temps).  I am glad the a/c in my car was working good!!!

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