Friday, July 19, 2013


According to this evenings news, today was the hottest day so far this year, and probably will end up being the hottest day of the entire year 2013.
This morning, my co-workers and I set out for Cooperstown. Our first stop was at THE COOPERSTOWN CHEESE FACTORY. Even though a sign on the door said they would open at ten, and it was already eleven a.m. when we arrived, it was not open. We explored the outside premises, in hopes that someone would show up and open it up for us, but that did not work.

I mentioned that there is a geocache hidden in the purple and yellow cow in front and Mark, Eileen and Mary went to look for it. Mark (who had never even heard of the sport) got down on his back and found it. Mary explained the game to him.

Then I suggested we go to WOOD BULL ANTIQUES, which is almost right across the road. Nobody in the group (Mary, Eileen, Geneen and Mark and I) had been there before besides me. Its a great place, kind of like a huge vintage museum. I think we were there a whole half hour, and I took many pictures.  I never noticed all the the mannequins before:  Wood Bull Antiques: Milford, New York by JuneNY

Then we headed to Cooperstown for lunch at the OTESAGA RESORT HOTEL. Images of The Otesaga Resort Hotel - Resort Pictures

This photo of The Otesaga Resort Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The lunch buffet is $17.00 and includes drinks and desert. Its really quite a bargain when you think of it. I paid $15.00 for lunch at Applebee's yesterday!!!

The entree was turkey and stuffing and I had two helpings of that. As usual, the desert table was magnificent, and this time a young fellow was making crepes on an individual basis. I had one, and it was outstanding!!!

We stopped at the Cheese Factory again on the way back to Oneonta, but it was still closed.

Anyways, it was a great day!!!!!  My complete set of pictures taken today can be seen here

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