Monday, July 29, 2013

Good-bye Terry, Rest in Peace

This was not at all an adventure, but Terry was a good friend who shared many of my adventures with me. I met Terry Church when US Care assigned her to work at my house taking care of my daughter.  She worked five mornings a week for many years........I think six or seven years.  Six days ago, she was on her way here, and she was in a car accident at the corner of County Road 11 and State Highway 23.  It appears that she died instantly when another car heading in the opposite direction swerved into her lane.  Today was her funeral.  I picked up Betty, who was Terry's best friend and then I picked Vera up.  We met up with Wendy at the funeral home.   I had met her son and one daughter previously and I got to meet Terry's other three daughters.   The funeral was very nice.  During the calling hour (just before the funeral) there was a slide show of pictures of Terry, which was very good.  Rev. Mitch Springer from Spirit and Truth conducted the funeral.   After the funeral, I drove Vera and and another woman who needed a ride to the cemetery.

Rest in Peace, Terry. by JuneNYTerry and I shared MANY adventures together over the past few years.  We went to the movies a few times, out to eat several times on several day trips and a couple of weeks ago we took a weekend trip to Vermont and New Hampshire.  Thats when I found out terribly loud she snored.  Terry's first love was music (a love I did not share) but I went to the Ricky Nelson tribute with her a few years ago and enjoyed it.    Also, she LOVED geocaching with me, even though she did not have an account or a GPS.  She found a few before me!
     I will miss Terry very much!  She was always cheerful and upbeat even when her situation was less than perfect.  

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