Monday, July 22, 2013

Carefree Gardens ADVENTURE (including food)

CAREFREE GARDENS, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
I was on this morning and noticed a place in Cooperstown that I have never been to, and that had excellent reviews. ORIGINS CAFE at Carefree Gardens. I called Linda and asked her if she would be interested in going and she said yes. She met me at my house and I drove us to Cooperstown. It was a bit tricky finding the place because of various detours.

ORIGINS is a cafe right in the middle of a nursery/greenhouse. It is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered the Pesto Platter which is actually an appetizer and Linda ordered quiche. Unfortunately, it took a very long time for our food to arrive, which upset Linda somewhat.

Our food finally arrived and it was very good. Then our check was not delivered to us, and we had to get up and look around for someone to ask. After we got the check, it took several minutes for the owner to return to us, and then again several minutes for her to get us our change (we had left tips on the table). Linda was getting increasingly anxious and upset.

When we finally finished up in the cafe, we spent several minutes looking around some of the greenhouses and I took several pictures. As we were leaving, the owner (Mary) came up to us and introduced herself and we talked for several minutes. She told us that they were "off work" for several days for a family reunion, and that things were not yet "up to speed". She seems like a very caring person, and I enjoyed our conversation.
I think Linda felt somewhat better after meeting Mary and talking with her.
 I hope to return soon and as many times as I can 
My complete set of pictures can be seen here.     ORIGINS is my new favorite place to eat in Cooperstown.

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