Friday, July 12, 2013

Madison County Fair ADVENTURE

Carol and I met up in New Berlin this morning in order to go to the MADISON COUNTY FAIR in Brookfield, New York  A geocacher had mentioned to me that it is very much like an old time fair, and that turned out to be true.  We took our time and looked at the 4H projects and all of the products offered by various vendors. There were some historical booths, also.  Most interesting to me was the table set up by a woman who metal detects  When I expressed interest, she offered me a seat and told me about her hobby.  It ounds interesting and I am thinking about getting started.   This man was offering free walking sticks if we would take the time to listen to him explain the basic story of  Christianity. 


The food carts and trucks were not open, so that was a disappointment.  I really wanted a blooming onion!  Carol and I had lunch at the FAIR DINER. Prices are reasonable and service is good.  We had burgers and fries.

We watched a bit of a riding competition.  It was teenage girls jumping over barriers with their horses.  After that we headed out.  I stopped in Morris for a twist frozen custard cone.
    My complete set of pictures taken at the fair are here:

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