Thursday, July 25, 2013

Route 7 New Eating Place Adventure

The title does not seem quite right, but here goes.  I picked my friend, Judy, up this morning and we ran some errands and then decided it was lunch time.  We were going to go to the WHITE HOUSE in Worcester, New York, but it was a gorgeous day and I suggested that we drive out Route 7 to Cobleskill and see if we passed any interesting restaurants.

The first place we saw was SHIRLEY'S STONEY CREEK just past Richmondville.  We stopped and checked out the inside the the menu and decided not to continue on to Cobleskill.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  It is a family run place, and the family is very friendly.  The place is decorated with handmade quilts.  I had the sweet corn nuggets and a cup of corn chowder, both were very good.  I was really full after that, but when Judy decided to get desert, I decided to get a small twist/waffle cone.  It was really good.

I bought a very small wall hanging for only $3.00.  It was the only one they had.  I would like to buy more and I may call and ask if they can provide me with a few more.

After lunch, Judy and I went to THE WEARHOUSE in Worcester, where she purchased two bags of clothing.  Then back to her place for a bit, and then I headed back to Oneonta.

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