Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little Bit of New Hampshire Adventure, LOTTA Vermont..........

After free continental breakfast at the Super 8 (which was pretty good, but not spectacular) Terry and I headed into New Hampshire.  My goal was to find one geocache and then head back to Vermont and eventually back to New York.  I found the second one I looked for, hanging from a tree near a trailhead.  I tried for a couple more, but they were DNF's for various reasons.  While geocaching, we drove through the Village of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, which has several beautiful cut stone buildings.  This is their Post Office:
Back in Brattleboro, we chose a different route to take.  We stopped at the GRAFTON VILLAGE CHEESE COMPANY just north of Brattleboro.  
They offer a lot of samples!  I bought some cheese spread (Asiago Cheddar) and a small bottle of coca cola.

The back route we took led us to East Dover, Vermont where we found a great old store. I noticed that the East Dover Post Office either is or WAS located in this building.   I forgot to ask the owner if it is closed permanently or if it was closed because it was a Sunday.   The new owners have only been there two weeks.  We also saw this covered bridge: THE WILLIAMSVILLE BRIDGE.After leaving the East Dover area, we headed south to Wilmington, Vermont.  We drove through it yesterday and it looked real interesting.  We had lunch at JEZEBEL'S (we shared The New Englander and the Jezebel sandwiches) and went into a few of the many shops.  This display is in front of one of the shops (the one right next to Jezebel's) 

Then we continued to drive west until we got to Bennington.  We stopped at a Visitors Center and got directions to the covered bridges.  This was at the Visitors Center!  I love all this color!

 We only found one.  After that, we headed back to New York.  We stopped in Hoosick again to go to an auction house/flea market right across the road from BIG MOOSE.  Both Terry and I purchased a couple of items.

Our last stop was in Cobleskill for a chinese buffet supper, which was very good.  It was raining when I got to Terry's place.

My pictures taken on this two day trip are here:

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