Saturday, July 6, 2013

Otego and Unadilla ADVENTURE 7/8/13

After running some errands this morning and having lunch from Subway, I met up with Leslie at her house, and we headed out on 88 towards Otego and Unadilla.  Our first stop was at the OTEGO'S HISTORY ROOM (I guess this is just another name for historical society).  We enjoyed this small museum, and were there about fifteen minutes. 

 After that we went on to Unadilla to the  UNADILLA HISTORY MUSEUM in a building that was forrmerly a Catholic Church.   where Leslie wanted to do some research about the Unadilla turnpike.   Although their website says it is open on Saturday afternoons for four hours, and we arrived during that time period, it was closed.  As we were walking away from the museum, a woman who was driving by stopped and asked if we wanted to go in.   She is the UNADILLA TOWN HISTORIAN, Nancy Burnett, and she offered to try to find someone with a key so that we could go in.  She returned a few minutes later and said that she did not have any luck.
  She suggested that we might want to go to the library to look at a book that has pictures and narrative about historical buildings in Unadilla.  She gave us a ride and the book was located and Leslie and I looked through it.  Turns out Nancy wrote the book!!!   The library closed at two p.m. and Nancy invited Leslie and to her house, so she could show Leslie a map of the turnpike.   We agreed and she drove us to her place.  She showed us the two barns behind her house, both which were moved to that location.  One of them was originally a blacksmith shop.  Here is a pic:
 Nancy offered us cold drinks and we visited for a while and she made a copy of the Unadilla turnpike map for Leslie.  Leslie told her about her historical walking tour geocache in Cooperstown and the three of us agreed to get together to do this geocache sometime soon.
  Then we went to the consignment shop in Unadilla.  I am in the process of looking for an item to put in a bare spot in my side garden.  No luck at this store.  It is a very interesting and large shop with LOTS of items at reasonable prices.  On the way back towards Oneonta, we stopped at another place, I think it is called P.D.'s and I looked again but was not successful.  Out last stop was at at PIE IN THE SKY for ice cream.  I had pie a la mode (apple raspberry with chocolate ice cream)Apple Raspberry Pie with Chocolate Ice Cream by JuneNY which was very good, and I purchased a small teacup for to add to my colored glass collection. .  

  We had planned to look for a geocache that we did not find the first time we looked for, but we got so caught up in other stuff that we totally forgot!    Except for the extreme heat, it was a great afternoon.  Pictures taken today are here:

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