Friday, July 26, 2013

James Fenimore Cooper's Town ADVENTURE

CooperstownJuly26_2013 041, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
Leslie and I met up with a new friend, Nancy, at Price Chopper this morning and headed to Cooperstown to do Leslie's multi-puzzle geocache JAMES FENIMORE COOPER'S TOWN.

We parked in the red parking lot and found the first cache in the series and then we took the trolley downtown and found the first couple of spots which gave us info. that we needed to use in order to find the final cache.CooperstownJuly26_2013 041 by JuneNYThis is a view of Otsego Lake from the James Fenimore Cooper Statue, which was the first stop as we looked for clues to the final geocache.  We stopped for a while at the library and spent some time in the art gallery.   It was the 78th National Juried Art Exhibition. I think our last stop in Cooperstown was at THE SMITHY, were we looked around for a while   I had never noticed this "stone book" which had information for one of the clues.  I think it was the very last clue.   Out behind THE SMITHY, I noticed this in the back yard next door.  

Around that time,  we decided it was time for lunch. We decided on ORIGINS CAFE at CAREFREE GARDENS. We all had paninis.   Here is a picture of mine, which was very good:  Leslie did not like hers and she did not seem to like the cafe, either.

Then it was time to head back to Cooperstown to look for the geocache itself. We ended up right back at the red parking lot. The cache was found and log signed. Nancy chose the nickname JuneWisconsin, since she was born in June in Wisconsin.

Our last stop of the day was at the Visitors Center in Cooperstown where we used the restroom and I picked up some tourism magazines and brochures including a WALKING TOUR OF COOPERSTOWN.  Here is my complete set of pictures for the day:

It was a great day, but very long!!!  I slept very well.

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