Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pan American Trolley Tour 6/24/17

To celebrate my birthday earlier this month, Peggy and David and I went to Buffalo for a PAN- AMERICAN EXPOSITION TROLLEY TOUR.   We met up with our guide and our group at the Visitors Center for Forest Lawn Cemetery and set out on a trolley. 
The trolley took us through Forest Lawn Cemetery and graves of people who were prominent in the history of the Pan-American Exhibition were pointed out.  This was a highlight: 

From there we went to the Hotel Lafayette.  This hotel was built FOR the exhibition, however it was not completed in time.  I think it was completed in 1903 (two years after the exhibition which was in 1901).  As we pulled up to the hotel, Peg and I realized that we had eaten here before, maybe a year ago when we participated in an EXPLORE BUFFALO walking tour (I think the focus was on architecture).  Before lunch we were shown two ballrooms.  The Crystal Ballroom was exceptionally pretty. 

 We were served a very good lunch.  Peg and I shared Korean BBQ Sliders and a Roasted Beet Salad. 

Then it was back to the trolley and on to the Resource Center of the Buffalo History Museum.  The focus of this center is THE SPIRIT OF THE CITY, which celebrates the many events, exhibits and curiosities of the Pan-Am Exhibition.   Here are a few pics: 
 this small restored building was used in the Exhibition.
 Our tour guide shows us the pistol which was used to assassinate President McKinley while he was visiting the fair. 
an original poster from the fair. 

Then we went to the Buffalo History Museum. 
This is the only remaining building from the Exhibition.  It was the NEW YORK PAVILION.  I was here a couple of weeks ago, but I missed seeing the APOSTOLIC CLOCK in action, but I had a chance to see it today. 

I think the last important site was the spot where McKinley was standing when he was shot.
Unfortunately, we drove by the backside of this memorial.  And then we returned to the Visitors Center.   

On the way back to Lockport, we stopped at Paula's Donuts.
It was a wonderful dlay!!!!! 

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