Friday, June 9, 2017


After my dental appointment this morning, I picked Mary Ann up and we headed to Buffalo and the
Burchfield Penney Art Center.    Admission was free because it was the M & T Second Friday of the month.  We found the museum easily enough.
Right across the street from the museum we visited last Friday. 

I was somewhat disappointed with this museum, I guess I expected something different.  There was a lot o modern/abstract art.   I DID enjoy the paperweight exhibit, though. 
We saw all that was offered and sent a few minutes in the gift shop and were there for less than an hour. 

By the time we left, it was lunch time and we headed south on Elmwood Avenue to check out
the restaurant possibilities.  We saw that there was on street parking available across from Joes Deli,
so we had lunch there.  We shared two sandwiches:  the I LOVE LUCY and the I LOVE JOSIE.  Both were very good.  The hand cut fries were good, also.

After lunch we headed back towards Lockport, but we stopped at Paula's Donuts.

I had about an hour to rest up at home before heading to Faith Tab to catch the van for the drive to the Key Bank Center for the PENTECOST TOGETHER event at the Key Bank Center.   People from many Western New York Churches were there to celebrate Pentecost.
  It was a great service, but it was VERY long. 

We arrived back in Lockport well after ten p.m. 

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