Sunday, June 18, 2017


The other day when Marlene and I walked the towpath (I think its the canal towpath), I noticed a sign for the LYTLE NATURE PRESERVE, just across from the access road to the parking area for the towpath, on the north side of the canal.

Pam and I had agreed to take a walk together but her daughter stopped by (with her one year old granddaughter) so she cancelled.  I called Marlene and we decided to meet up and check out the LYTLE NATURE PRESERVE.

Here are some pictures I took: 
sign at the entrance. 

the first section of the trail, after the boardwalk, is paved.

 this map has a lot of mistakes on it, but it also has a lot of good information.
 and then it enters the woods.

When we finished our walk, we decided to go to REID'S for some frozen custard.  We oth had small twist cones, which were very good. 

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