Saturday, October 1, 2016

ALL OVER THE COUNTY ADVENTURE: Saturday October 2, 2016

Elaine and I went to the Kenan Center for the annual Niagara Apple Fest.  It had been announced on the radio and I found the information online earlier today.  HOWEVER, when we arrived, it was apparent that it was NOT taking place.  A very nice young man in the front office checked into it and found that while it was still advertised, that it had been cancelled.  On our way out, we ran into other potential patrons of the event.  We told them about other events that they  could choose to go to today.

We decided to head out to the church on Beebe Road for their fall festival, but we saw a sign for an event at TRINITY LUTHERAN Church. We decided to check it out.  It was small but very nice.  I bought a HULL OVENPROOF dish for Megan (after calling her and describing it and asking her if she wanted it) and a pink lava lamp.  Elaine bought  a piece of pie and some chowder to take out.

Then we headed to Concordia Lutheran Church on Beebe Road (probably in Newfane) for their autumn event.  Some of the men were out in back preparing the chowder
and it smelled wonderful.  We met up with my cousin, Becky there.   I had a delicious bowl of chowder.
 Becky won two items but Elaine and I did not win anything in the basket raffle.
After that, we decided to head to the Sanborn Farm Museum for their AUTUMN FESTIVAL.   By this time it had warmed up and stopped drizzling.  We each had a delicious Peach Shortcake: 
served up by Mrs Sanborn: 
We checked out the vendors and the basket raffle and the vegetables as well as this band organ.

Then we headed back towards Lockport.  

We decided to stop by Emmanuel Methodist Church to see what time they would be serving their turkey dinner.  We were early, so we went to LOCKTOBERFEST to kill some time.  I bought a loaf of bread and two gourds.  
 As we were leaving, we saw this!

Then we headed back to the church.  By the time we got there, a LOT of other people were way ahead of us.  But we finally made it to the front of the line and got our meals to take out.  As we were leaving I saw my friend Jane standing in line waiting for her dinner.  She is in town for a few days.  We set a time to get together for lunch on Monday.  

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