Saturday, October 29, 2016

10/29/16 Afternoon Out with Peggy

Peggy and I wanted to spend the afternoon together, so we looked for available events.  We found two basket raffles to go to.  One at the Rapids Fire Department (a benefit for a young man who was seriously injured) and the other at St. Johns Catholic Church.

Peggy met me at my house and I drove.  We decided to do some geocaching first.  We found the one called ABANDONED at the vacant WalMart, and then tried to find MANY PATTERNS.  This was my third time looking and I had hoped that today would be the day to get a smily, but we did not have any luck.

After that we went to the Rapids Fire Hall for the benefit.  They had MANY, MANY baskets and some other activities going on.  We both bought tickets for the basket raffle.

Then we went to the Kenan Center for the 14th Annual Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society National Exhibit.  It was very good.

Then we went to St. Johns.  I did not see any baskets that I really wanted so I did not participate in the basket raffle.  We both had a beef on weck meal, which was pretty good.

It was a nice afternoon.

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