Thursday, October 27, 2016

10/27/16 Pearce Arrow Museum in Buffalo (and more)

Even though the weather was awful (damp and drizzling) we decided to go to Buffalo to the Pearce Arrow Museum.  We arrived a few minutes before eleven a.m. The Frank Lloyd Wright filling station is particularly interesting.  He designed it but never built it, and his specifications were followed when this one was built.

  Someone at the museum told Mary Ann about THE FILLING STATION, a restaurant down the street from the museum in the  Larkin district.

We found the museum but had a bit of trouble finding where to park.  While looking we drove by a huge army/navy surplus store.
 Mary Ann said that it had been featured on television not too long ago.  We decided to return after lunch.

Our lunch was pretty good, but not outstanding.  I had the chicken salad sandwich, it came with quinoa salad (which was very bland)

We finally found a parking spot at UNCLE SAMS ARMY/NAVY STORE.  It is the largest army surplus store in the USA (and most likely the world).  
You can buy a parachute here!  I thoroughly enjoyed it   

On the way back to Lockport we stopped at Paula's Donuts in Clarence.   It was a great day.

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