Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 1 of Rome/Old Forge Trip (September 13 2016)

Mike agreed to let me use his cabin at DELTA LAKE BIBLE CONFERENCE for three nights: The nights of September 13, 14 and 15th.  Leslie agreed to join me there.

I left Lockport around 12:30 and headed east.  I took the thruway most of the way.  I stopped at a few plazas along the thruway to use the bathroom and walk around a bit and look at the map. I stopped to take one picture: This park is new and I hope to spend some time there someday.  It can be accessed from the thruway.  It was not open today
I and arrived at the cabin around four thirty p.m.   I settled in, and removed one of the shutters from the porch window in order to let in some daylight.  Just as I was getting ready to call Leslie to find out where she was, my phone rang and it was her.  She said she had taken a detour and was lost, but she thought she was about twenty minutes away.  We agreed to meet at the NICE and EASY (a large convenience store) a couple miles south of the cabin on 26.  I think she arrived around six p.m.  I suggested she buy something for her supper since I was on the BRAT diet for obvious reasons.  She got herself a steak and cheese sandwich.

She followed me to the cabin and got settled in.  We were both tired from our drives, so we stayed in and relaxed and read that evening.  We talked about what we might do the next day.

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