Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day Two of FALL COLOR TRIP: October 11, 2016

Mary Ann was awake early (watching Mr. Ed) so I got up and suggested that we get ready and hit the road early and head to Portville for breakfast at Sprague's Maple Farm.  She agreed and we headed out at about 7:30 a.m.  We each had a very small breakfast at Sprague's and then we headed out to do some geocaching.

The first cache was behind the library and pretty easy to find.  The second one we looked for was in the woods behind a small old cemetery (Colonial Cache) and I was shivering while I looked and gave up after a few minutes
Then I found one near the WELCOME TO PORTVILLE sign.  Shortly after that, we noticed a sign saying ELDRED PA. SIX MILES.  I remembered that there is a World War II museum there and mentioned it and Mary Ann said she would like to go.  We called the museum and they were scheduled to open in fifteen minutes (at ten a.m.) so we headed south to Eldred.  We thorougly enjoyed this museum!

 especially this part!

Then we headed back to Portville.  I wanted to find a cache at an old schoolhouse.  We found it easily, here is the schoolhouse 
and here is the nearby building that once was a cheese factory  
We decided to continue driving east on 305.  I saw this building around Obi and had to stop to take a picture: 
We drove through Cuba (next time I want to stop at the cheese factory, which we passed) and found ourselves in an Amish area.  I saw a schoolhouse.  We followed a sign down a side road to an Amish Quilt and Gift Shop.  I took several pictures.   This is the shop.

We continued on our way.  We stopped at this place: 
and we
both bought some items.  Very inexpensive!

Our next stop was at BEAVER MEADOW AUDUBON CENTER. Unfortunately, the visitors center was closed, but we spent some time walking the grounds.  It is a beautiful spot.  

 and I hope to return someday soon.

We decided to check out Darien Lake State Park since neither one of us has been there before.  
We decided to head to Bill Grays for supper, but along the way we almost passed THE GREAT PUMPKIN FARM.  I could not resist stopping.  

I bought a small pimpled pumpkin.  

Supper at Bill Grays consisted of steakburgers and custard!  Both were good.  

I arrived home around 6:15 p.m., very tired!  

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