Saturday, October 22, 2016

FOUR Festival Day: ( Saturday 10/22/16)

Peggy and I planned to go to a couple of events and do some geocaching today, but she realized that her weekend was very full and cancelled.  Right after she hung up from telling me that, my cousin Becky called and she and I agreed to spent part of Saturday together going to fall festivals.

I met Becky at the United Methodist Church in Lyndonville where they had a silent auction  I bit on a few items, but it was very early in the day and I am sure others overbid me  I bought baked goods

From there we went to Middleport Holiday Craft Show and Sale at RoyHart Central School  They had a Chinese auction but I did not see anything that interested me, so I did not buy any tickets

After that we headed to Lockport for the Fall Festival and Auction at Emmanuel Methodist Church in Lockport  We decided to have  lunch there, I bought  turkey soup and cherry pie with ice cream.  I looked at the baskets but did not see anything that interested me so I did not buy any tickets.  While we were there, someone told Becky that the day care center at the First Presbyterian Church was having their annual turkey dinner and basket raffle, so we went over there.  I bought a turkey dinner to take home.

Just as we were ending our day, the sun came out and it cleared up!

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