Friday, November 4, 2016

The World of Christmas at Menne's Nursery in Amherst NY

Someone on facebook shared info about a grand opening for an annual  event called A WORLD OF CHRISTMAS at a place called Menne Nursery Garden Artistry in Amherst.  I think it was my sister in law, Janie.  I checked it out and it sounded very good so I called my friend Elaine and asked her if she was interested.  She had been before and loved it and said YES.  We agreed to leave late morning today and met up at my house and she drove.

A WORLD OF CHRISTMAS was marvelous!   Here are some pictures:

The actual nursery is also very nice.  Refreshments were offered in that area.

By the time we were finished at Mennes it was around two p.m. and we were both hungry for lunch.  Elaine suggested THE GRAPEVINE, which is just down the road.  She had been there before and liked it.

We both had one of the specials. crispy shrimp soft tacos with onion rings.  
It was very good!  

After our late lunch, we checked out Ellicott Creek Park,(both sides of the creek) and stopped to see the old casino;  
 And then we headed back to Lockport.  One last stop at LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM where we each had three scoops.  I tried the coconut and it was delicious!

It was a great afternoon.  

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