Thursday, April 2, 2015

Geocaching and Donuts Adventure: 4/2/15

It was the first really nice weather day this year...with a high of 62 predicted, so Chickie and I decided we HAD to go geocaching.  I met up with her at Mel's Auto Repair on West Avenue, where she was leaving her car for an inspection.

Our first geocache was CRACKER JACKS, which was at Outwater Park. I had looked for this one a few years ago without success, so it was good to go back and find it.  Our second geocache was in a parking lot next to the Erie Canal.  After we found that one, we explored the area a  bit. I thing we found an area that I used to hang out in when I was a teen.  Kind of a tunnel/walkway on Gooding Street.  It looked a bit different from what I remember.

#3 was in what used to be called Willow Park.  While signing the log, some local geocachers (dickie  donuts, Neurotic Terror and Timbits were walking by and they called out to us and we had a nice chat.

#4 was a DNF, in a small park at the intersection of Willow and Locust Streets.  We looked for about twenty minutes without any success.

I asked Chick if she wanted to go out to lunch and she did.  I suggested Bill Gray's in Williamsville.  We both had cheeseburgers.  They were very good!  Then we went to Paula's Donuts.  Chickie bought a dozen donuts and we sat and each had one.  My cream filled peanut donut was as delicious (and as messy) as it always is.  Chick loved her white cream filled, chocolate frosted donut.

We headed back to Lockport, taking a back road part of the way.  I dropped Chick off at Mel's and headed for home.

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