Thursday, April 16, 2015

"DID NOT FIND" Adventure in Olcott, NY

Chickie and I went to Olcott to geocache.  The first cache (PIER PRESSURE) we tried to find was at the East Pier (which really seems to be west of the beach).  To get to the pier you walk through a kind of maze.   Neither one of us knew this pier existed!

Here there were just too many possible hiding spots and we gave up after about 15 minutes.

 Then we backtracked to where we had parked and tried to find LAKEVIEW VILLAGE, which must be hidden in the triangular sign at the entrance to the area of small shops.  We looked and looked and looked, but no luck again.  Ten we walked south until we got to the area of WELCOME TO OLCOTT BEACH.  This one appears to e hidden somewhere on the caboose.  I warned Chickie that I do not have much luck finding these kinds of hides, and AGAIN we came up empty handed.

 We were getting very discouraged.  We headed north towards the lake and stopped at a convenience store and used the restroom and talked to the proprietor.  She has been managing the shop for close to a year.  She has also done some geocaching, but not recently.

Next we headed to the NEWFANE MEMORIAL TREE GARDEN in Krull Park.  I really thought we would find this one, but we didn't.
It is hidden somewhere in or around this tree (I think), but we were unable to find it.  While we were looking, two workers in a truck stopped and asked us wht the hell we were doing!!!!!!

And then it was on to IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM-Harbor View. There really is a nice view here!
 No luck again, but it appears that this one has gone missing, so its NOT our faults!!!!We were really feeling like losers by this time.

But we DID find the last one CONIFER HIDE!!!!!  Actually Chickie found it.  This one entailed a long"walk in the park" both in and out.

In spite of our DID NOT FINDS, we thoroughly enjoyed being out on a gorgeous spring day, though!

We decided to have lunch at the Park Place Diner in downtown Olcott.  This was the only place serving food that was open today in Olcott.   We had already ordered when Mary Ann came in and I asked her to join us.  Our waitress was very rude.  Chick and I both had a bowl of bean/ham soup and the club sandwich.  Both were good, but not exceptional.

On the way back to Lockport, Chickie pointed out the way to get to the BURT DAM.  Since the trees are bare, we were able to see the dam as we drove by.

Anyways, we got a lot of exercise on a gorgeous spring day.  I hope we have better luck next time!

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