Monday, April 13, 2015

DAY FOUR Trip to Michigan: April 9, 2015

This was my last full day in Michigan.  Shortly after breakfast we headed to Kalamazoo.  Our ultimate goal was Sweetwater Donuts. which is their favorite place to get donuts.  We purchased a dozen and sat at the counter to each have one.  Tyler had requested a HUGE donut.

I think after that we went to COSTCO.  I had agreed to buy a one year membership for Megans birthday gift.  We took care of that and then looked around.  Its a lot like BJ's.....most items come in large amounts, so it  wouldn't work well for me.

Then we headed to downtown Kalamazoo.  We passed by WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY on the way, and we saw the medical school which is basically off campus.

Once we got to the Main Street area, we went to POP CITY POPCORN.  Here are the kids, and Cassy's friend in Pop City.
and Megan made a purchase.  Then we went to a shop/studio, which was very interesting.  We also went to a huge antiques shop, with many venders.

Our last stop was to pick up cupcakes for Megans best friends sons birthday at FOOD DANCE

The kids wanted to go to YOPLA, their favorite frozen yogurt place, but we were not really hungry, so we skipped it.

The kids and I played a few card games and I packed up for my trip home.

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