Friday, April 24, 2015

SLAVIC Adventure 4/24/15

A while back, my friend Arlene suggested I might be interested in a store in Buffalo:  SLAVIC BAZAAR.  I picked Chickie up this morning and we headed to Buffalo to check it out.   We new we had arrived when we saw this mural!  We drove around a bit looking for a place to park and eventually wound up right back here and squeezing into a non parking spot in front of their small plant.
We went inside and browsed and spoke to the very friendly clerk. It was too early for lunch (10:30) so we decided to go out and geocache and explore until noon or so.  

The first place we headed was to THE IRON ISLAND MUSEUM where there is a geocache hidden  I found it within a minute or two and let Chickie find it on her own.  It was in am ammo can.  There was a guy idling in his car in front of the museum so we took the cache to my car.  We had a rough time opening it up but Chickie finally did it.  We signed the log and moved on.
We could see the BUFFALO CENTRAL TERMINAL in the distance and decided to drive there for another geocache. We could not find that geocache, even with a good hint.  Chickie had never seen it and she regretted that she had not brought her camera.  
Then we headed towards this cache : WNY RAIL HISTORY #2 Wagner Palace Car Co. and it was kind of deja vu for me.  I recalled that Peggy and I looked for this geocache years ago and were on the wrong side of the train yard and could not figure out how to get to the other side.  The same thing happened this time.  We were on the wrong side, and there was no clear route to the other side.  We drive a bit, kind of keeping our eyes out for a possible way over, but when we saw the abandoned WILDROOT BUILDING, with a door that appeared to be open, we stopped and looked around a bit.  The door did indeed open but without flashlights, we were afraid to go inside. 

By then it was time for lunch so we found our way back to the SLAVIC BAZAAR.  Chick recognized some places we passed, since she lived in Buffalo with a friend for a couple of years after high school.

Back at the SLAVIC BAZAAR, we each ordered lunch. I had a potato pancake, a cabbage roll and a crepe with sweet cheese filling.  They were all delicious!  Then we shopped for items to take home.  I bought candy, cookies and some cheese pierogies.

Then we headed towards home.  It was a great day.  I want to go back to the SLAVIC BAZAAR again.

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