Monday, April 13, 2015

DAY ONE: Trip to Michigan: MONDAY April 6. 2015

Mary Ann drove me to the airport for my ten a.m. flight to Grand Rapids.  The layover was in Detroit and I had plenty of time for a nice lunch (spinach salad) at one of the airport restaurants.  The Detroit airport has this colorful, lighted tunnel:

Megan and the kids met me at the airport in Grand Rapids right around three p.m.  We headed towards Plainwell, where we stopped and had ice cream at PLAINWELL ICE CREAM, (their ice cream is almost as good as Lake Effect).
and looked around town a bit.  We also stopped at a DOLLAR TREE where I bought a pair of sunglasses and we picked up a few snack items.

The kids and I played several card games that evening.    Megan made stuffed shells and salad for supper,  both were very good.  I gave the kids the DAY AFTER EASTER BAGS that I had put together for them and brought with me.

I was really exhausted and I slept GREAT on the king sized air mattress!

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