Monday, April 13, 2015

DAY TWO: Trip to Michigan TUESDAY APRIL 7, 2015

This was basically our GEOCACHING DAY!

We headed out in the morning.  Our first stop was at a Plainwell Cemetery where we found two geocaches pretty quickly.  The first one was near BABYLAND, I think Cassy found this one first.
The second one was a short ways away.  
The third one was in or on a bridge (I think over the Kalamazoo River) but we were not successful.  We then went to THURL COOK PARK and after a walk in the woods, Tyler found this one.  AFTER finding the cache, we found the trail.  We found a geocache behind a PULLMAN CAR RESTAURANT (that is now closed) 
Then we went to a large antique shop right next door to the pullman car.  Both Megan and I made a few purchases.  

Tyler found THE MILLERS WIFE.  The hint said crawling might be necessary, but I think because the trees and bushes are bare, that was not necessary.  The geocache I liked best was in an old cemetery. IVES CORNERS: 
All in all we found seven out of eight geocaches that we looked for and that is pretty good!
We found several geocaches in and around Plainwell, and then went to Kalamazoo to TEN TEN CHINESE BUFFET.  It was great!!!!We also went into an antique "mall" right next door to the old Pullman Car restaurant (closed).

We had lunch at TEN TEN, which is a Chinese Buffet that also has a Mongolian Grill.  It was the best grill I ever had.  The chef seasoned the chosen ingredients very well.

Leftovers for supper.  I made myself a ham sandwich!

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