Saturday, March 22, 2014

Maple Weekend in the Catskills and Geocaching March 22, 2014

Leslie and I met up at her house this morning for some geocaching.  The first one we headed to was RVMAGNUM's 100th find Tribute Cache.  We had tried to find this one before, last fall, without any success and thought we would give it a second try.  We searched every possible spot on both sides of the road, but still no luck.  After that, we headed towards Franklin where we went to the Ouleout Valley Cemetery and found a geocache hidden by meandmykid.  

Then we continued on 357 until we got to the North Franklin Maple Syrup Company which was having an open house as part of MAPLE WEEKEND IN THE CATSKILLS.  .  
North Franklin Maple Syrup Company: North Franklin, New York (at the Sittco Dairy Farm) by JuneNY
We met the owner and his partner and they showed us the REVERSE OSMOSIS Machine!  They were sponsoring their pancake breakfast at the Ouleout Creek Golf Club just down the road.  Since it was noon, we stopped and had that for lunch: pancakes, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes and scrambled juice and hot chocolate all for $7.00.  
Then it was back to geocaching.........we found a few more cemetery caches before heading back to Oneonta.  I think my favorite cemetery today was the Houghtaling Hollow Cemetery 
Once back in Oneonta we went to the Huntington Library to look for LOCKED OUT WITHOUT A KEY.  Leslie had a pretty good handle on where this one was, and she was correct.  We called it a day after the library cache, which was our fifth.  It was early so I decided to go over to BJ's and activate my free 60 day membership.  I also went to Aldi's and Daddy Al's and Rite-Aid. 

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