Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday March 28th in Lockport

During the day, while Peg was at work, I cleaned and unpacked and organized a lot of stuff in my new apartment.  Finally completed one bedroom and the closet in there.  It is ready to move a bed into!  Peg arrived home around 2:45,and by that time I was totally wiped out, but she and I worked together for close to an hour.  Then we took a break.

We picked Peggy's friend Bev up and took her out for her 60th birthday.  We went to the COUNTRY COTTAGE in North Tonawanda. I had the fish fry, and it was very good.

After supper, we went to a talent show at Peggy's church.  It was very good, but Peggy and I were pretty worn out and did not stay for the full show.  We did enjoy their great refreshments, though, before we left.

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