Thursday, March 27, 2014


After a long winter of hibernating in West Laurens, I headed to Niagara County for the first time this year, to spend some time with my sister and to do some work on the apartment I plan to move into soon.

I left around nine a.m.  My first stop was to get gas in Bridgewater, and then I headed west on Route 20.   I stopped briefly at the Pine Woods rest area, since there is a cache hidden there  that I have not found yet.  I opened the car door and got a blast of cold wind and decided NOT to look for it today.  I had another geocache in Morrisville programmed in but I may have programmed it in wrong, since following the coords did NOT bring me to the Morrisville campus.

 I continued on a bit, and then headed north to go to Peterboro.  Once there, I stopped at a bakery that I have passed many times.  I purchased two donuts, and then headed to the library, where they allowed me to hook up to their wifi with a guest pass.  I didn't really need to do anything online, but I wanted to see if I could do it!  I was successful.  There is a geocache hidden outside the library, but it looked like I would have to dig apart an old hill of snow, so I skipped it.  My donuts (one peanut, one plain were calling my name, and I thought they would go great with some milk, so I stopped at a convenience store just before I got onto the thruway and bought a half gallon of milk.

I stayed on the thruway until Exit 48A and then got off.  When I got to Chestnut Ridge Road in Niagara County, I took some time to look for a geocache in an old forlorn cemetery known as GILBERT CEMETERY.  I was successful.

I arrived at 17 about 3:45 and took all my stuff in.  I was able to connect to a kinds of likes like I am connected to my own router, all the way across the this possible?

For supper Peg and I  met up with our cousin (on my mothers side) Becky at the CUP AND SAUCER.  The C and S is owned and operated by our my cousin Vicky, daughter of my Uncle Norman (Dad's brother).    I took this picture of Uncle Norman with his great grandson Blake (Vicky's grandson).  Blake was helping out at the Cup and Saucer tonight.

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