Saturday, March 8, 2014

Delaware County Geocaching Adventure

I met up with Leslie and Oneonta and we headed out to Delaware County for some geocaching.
Because we failed to communicate well and set up a plan, we each had different geocache info. than the other.  Since I was driving, and Leslie had a route planned out, we followed her route, which took us first to Bloomville and then to Bovina.   The first two we found were just outside of Bloomville on McArthur Hill Road.   Both were pretty easy, except the second one required traipsing through snow and in some parts it was rather deep!  But it was worth it since it was in a very old cemetery!  

After Bloomville, we headed towards Bovina, and the first one we found there was just outside of a transfer station.  Then we found a few more before going to the Village of Bovina Center.  We had lunch at Russell's Store........which is about as genuine "old time" store as they get.
 We both had BLT's and I purchased a few scones to take home.

Then it was back to geocaching.  We found three more before heading back towards Oneonta.

We noticed that TABLE on TEN in Bloomville was open for business today, so I hope I can go there for lunch someday soon.

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