Monday, March 3, 2014


I had lunch at Mt. Fuji a few weeks ago and loved it, but Connie did not like it and was clear that she does not wish to return.  I kept asking people to accompany and everyone said no, until today.  Linda said she LOVES Japanese food and agreed to go.

We met up at noon at Mt. Fuji and decided to order off of the HIBACHI menu, where they prepare your food in front of you.  It seems to be a bit higher priced than the regular lunch menu, but its worth it.  First they served us onion soup and a small salad.  Both were very good.  Then a chef came out and cooked the food right in front of us, not in a real hibachi, but on a large flat surface.  We got fried rice, grilled vegetables and I ordered steak (which was done to perfection, medium well at my request) and Linda had shrimp.   HIBACHI IS BETTER!!!!!!!    Everything is so fresh...........the fried rice was outstanding, the grilled vegetables were great and my steak was delicious!  Linda said her shrimp was really good.

In additon, there was some free entertainment.  The chef offered to toss pieces of brocolli into our mouths!  Linda and I declined, but four woman sitting nearby agreed to try, and he was successfull on most of his throws!

It was a great meal!  After lunch, Linda and I went over to SUCO and walked around the indoor track. She walked a mile and I walked a bit more.  Then we went to the Dave Kiehm gallery exhibit.  I thoroughly enjoyed my second visit, and Linda enjoyed it also.  

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