Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Legislative Day 2014

Started the day out with the Ramada's continental breakfast which was very good!   Then Peggy and I headed to the Capital.

We arrived and checked in and found a table.  I met a man who knows Pastor Yarborough!  He was with a few others from his church or organization (something Patriot Ministries).  The morning speakers were great!  I took a break and took some position papers to my Senators office.

Peg and I were happy to find a CAPITAL Q SMOKEHOUSE in the food court, so we had lunch there.
It was good, but kind of small (thats only a slider) so we bought a couple of desert items at a bakery in the food court.  

We left at 2:15 p.m. when the group broke up so  that participants could try to speak with their reprsentatives, but since Peggy and I had already done that, we left and headed for Oneonta.  It was a nonstop trip since Peggy was driving back to Lockport today.  

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