Thursday, October 3, 2013

Columbus Quarter ADVENTURE (and more) 10/3/13

Carol told me about the harvest meal at the Columbus Community Church, but she had to work so could not go so I asked Wendy and she said yes.  We left my place about  9:20 and headed to New Berlin and then north on Route 8.  When we arrived at the Columbus Quarter Schoolhouse,  Susan Pope was already there opening up the church and school.  We went into the school first, and then the church.

We drove up 42, following a sign for FRESH PRODUCE.  Before we reached the Amish Farm Stand we passed this barn with a sign saying GOOSEVILLE, NEW YORK.  Wendy and I each purchased an item or two from the stand and talked with the Amish teenage girl.  Then we headed back to Route 8.  Just down the road from the church and school, (right next to the Livestock Auction House)  at a very old, non-maintained cemetery, we found a geocache.

Then we headed to Columbus for their annual harvest meal.  It was roast beef\ and it was delicious
Then we headed back to New Berlin where we stopped at THE DOLLAR GENERAL and SERVICE PHARMACY.  

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