Friday, October 18, 2013

Seven Geocache Adventure (New Berlin to Bridgewater to West Winfield and back)

Carol stopped by late yesterday afternoon and I suggested she and I do something today.  She said she did not have any money, so I suggested we do something free like go geocaching and have a picnic.  She agreed.

We got a bit of a late start because this morning because Carol had to get some hay first.  We met up a few minutes before 11 a.m. in New Berlin and headed north on Route 8.  We did not find the first geocache (Route 8 South Brookfield Road). Carol found the second one (Route 8 Snow Plow Turn Around).  I was looking in all the wrong places when she found it, and then she claimed that I "LET" her find it!!!   NOT!!!!!  I think the next find ws Route 8 Hoxie Road.  I found this one but I lost the log when the wind picked it up and took it away!!!!!  (I replaced it with a new log).  Then We found Route 8 Beaver Creek Road pretty easily.

By then we were getting hungry so I suggested we head to West Winfield where there is a cache hidden in a park where we might find a picnic table.  While going through Leonardsville, Carol suggested we stop at the place where she picked apples a few years ago.(Wratten's Apple Farm). They have a neat little shop in their barn. 

We checked out the types  they offer, but she decided to pass since they do not have any McIntosh apples. Then we headed to West Winfield and located the park. 
Then we headed to West Winfield via Route 20.  We had a great picnic lunch (egg salad sandwiches, potato chips and pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes) at a very nice park.  I think it is West Winfield Memorial Park.  There is a very beautiful grove of pine trees that we walked through in order to find a geocache.   

While looking for a geocache just north of Bridgewater, I noticed this garage!
Our last geocache find was in a wooded area off of a cemetery.  Then we headed for home.  I was pretty worn out!

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