Thursday, October 17, 2013


RIVERSTONE: West Oneonta, NY, : Connie with the chef
I met up with Connie at her place and after she walked her dog Daisy, we headed to West Oneonta for lunch at RIVERSTONE, which I think is Connie's favorite local restaurant. It closes for the winter at the end of this month, so we wanted to go one more time.

We ordered chicken wings as a "starter" I think they were garlic/parmesan flavored. They were very good. Then we split a grilled vegetable panini, which was also very good. We split a chocolate desert.  We visited with the chef, and I took his picture with Connie:RIVERSTONE: West Oneonta, NY by JuneNY

Then we took a walk around the area just outside of Crestview Heights Golf Course. The weather was perfect today and we thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors.

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