Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14,2013

My friend Betty fell a couple of weeks ago and shattered her elbow.  After a week at Bassett and major surgery, she went to Chestnut Park for "rehab"  After a few days there, they decided to release her since there really was not anything they could do to rehabilitate her arm since it was in a huge cast/contraption.  She had an appointment with the surgeon today, so I picked her up at noon at Chestnut Park.  She was all packed up and ready to go!

We had lunch at Pondo's and then headed to Cooperstown.  She was x-rayed and then finally saw the surgeon  (he was running late, so this took a lot longer than we planned).  The surgeon took off the cast, which really was not a total plaster case, it was pretty soft and came off pretty easily.  A splint like thing was put on Betty's arm and locked into place.

I finally delivered Betty to her apartment around five fifteen p.m.  She and I were both exhausted, mostly from the waiting around.


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