Thursday, October 10, 2013

Downsville ADVENTURE!

I met up with Peg in Delhi at 9:30 and off we went.  She knew the way to Downsville, so I did not need my navigator.  Once in Downsville, we stopped at the hardware store.  I asked directions to the covered bridge and then we drove to it.  We looked for a geocache there, without any success. After leaving the covered bridge area, I stopped at a small wine shop and asked about other historical sites in the area and the girl told me about the chimney in the hamlet of Corbett.  It sounded interesting.

We headed to Corbett and drove through it the first time, so had to turn back.  It is a very small hamlet, which no longer has a post office.  Here are pictures I took:    This is a chimney that was associated with the acid factory.
 This was the "company store"
 and this former schoolhouse is now the Corbett Community Center.
I have to say that Corbett can most likely be classified as a "ghost town" because it is a "shadow of its former self".  After leaving Corbett, we headed back towards Downsville. We stopped at the Old Downsville Cemetery.

Lunch at the OLD SCHOOLHOUSE RESTAURANT was very good.   This is a beautiful place, both inside and out.  I had the patty melt and Peg had the reuben.

We had a little bit of extra time available before our appointment at the Colchester Historical Museum, so we went t the EAGLE DOLLAR STORE.  
We met up with Kay H. Parisi-Hampel 
Colchester Township Historian at the Colchester Town Hall and she let us into the museum, which is very interesting, with lots of artifacts and information. It was especially intereseting to learn about Corbett!  After that we headed back towards Delhi.  I stopped
 to take this picture of the Octagon House in Hamden and also we stopped at the LUCKY DOG farmstore, which Peg had never been to.  
I dropped Peg off at Price Chopper and I went in to get a few groceries.  Then I headed for Oneonta.  I stopped at Chestnut Park to drop off a couple of sweaters for Betty, who is in there for rehab after her recent fall. She gave me the good news that she will be released on Monday. 

My complete set of pictures taken today are here

It was a great day but I was really worn out by the  time I got home.

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