Saturday, October 12, 2013

Richfield Springs Geocaching Adventure

     I packed a picnic lunch and Leslie and I met up at my house and headed towards Richfield Springs for some geocaching.  Our first stop was at BAKER'S BEACH where we found our first geocache, one that Mr.Science hid.  Then we continued on towards Richfield Springs, stopping for a glass of cider at DYN'S CIDER MILL..............they were making cider today and it was very crowded.
     Once in Richfield Springs, we had a bit of trouble locating St. Joseph's Cemetery where a geocache is hidden.  I had found it previously.  Leslie found it within a couple of minutes.  After that we headed back to Main Street and the park where the next cache was hidden.  It was hidden on the fence around the area where there used to be a spring.  This picture shows one of the old hotels in the background.    I found that nano almost immediately and then we set up our picnic lunch (egg salad sandwich, potato chips, cherry tomatos, peach cobbler and Loganberry drink.  Then I checked out the small farmers market and purchased three green peppers.  I liked this display of gourds:

After that we headed out for more geocaching.  One of them was off of a "rail trail" and we enjoyed a short hike on a fairly well maintained trail.  
After finding the geocache and hiking back to Leslie's car, we drove down the road further (I think County Road 24) hoping to see some Amish farms, but I don't think we did.  We drove through the hamlet of Monticello, which does not have much, but I did notice at least one storefront and a cemetery, so I might return someday to take pictures.  We then drove around in a circle and approached another geocache which was at the opposite end of the same trail.  We were unsuccessful in finding this one, and we were surprised at the No Trespassing signs on the old bridge at that end.
     Then back through Richfield Springs for a couple more geocaches.   We stopped at Weaver's Lake and Leslie found that one (I found it a couple of years ago).  We one or two more but did not find one called "643", which seemed to be on, in, under or near someones mailbox.  Then we headed for home.  My full set of pictures for today is here:


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