Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday May 11th SOUTHWIND FARMS

A few days ago, I heard about SOUTHWIND FARMS in Otego.  Today I went with Wendy Hopper and my daughter, Carrie.
There is a lot to see!  This was my favorite!  Painted gourds made into hummingbird feeders.  
 We met a three day old baby yet not named, but her first name WILL start with a V, like her mother.  We suggested Victoria and Valery!
There are all sorts of animals to see, but I did not actually see the petting zoo area.
I think the owners live in this absolutely gorgeous mini-mansion right across the road from the business.  

We spent most of our time in the small shop, which offers a lot of interesting items.  I purchased a tomato, some onions, some asparagus and some homemade berry cobbler.  They offer homemade soups including borscht, but the knishes were all gone.........darn!   
They offer a lot of plants and since it is the day before Mothers Day, they were doing very good business. 
Its not like the FROGPOND where they offer all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, but I am sure I will return often.  

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