Thursday, May 30, 2013

ALB and two Geocaches!

Christa and I left this morning around 10:30 for Albany so I could drop her off at the Albany International Airport for her flight to Portland.  Along the way we stopped at DUNKIN DONUTS in Cobleskill.  It was getting close to lunch time so we each got a sandwich.

Just before getting to the airport we stopped at an observation spot and walked around a bit.  I think this is an area where people  walk their dogs and sometimes go to watch the planes fly in and out.

I dropped Christa off at the UNITED area around 12:40.  Her flight was scheduled for 2:25.  So she had a bit of time to kill.

Before leaving Albany, I stopped to find a geocache hidden by El Fartero.  It was one of those "skirtlifting" ones named JUST GOT HOME AND NEED GROCERIES.  Then I hit the road and got on the thruway and then on I-88.  I got off of 88 above Cobleskill to go to a McDonalds since I was getting sleepy and I needed a caffeinated drink.   The McDonalds was on Route 7 and I decided to stay on that road and go to Richmondville to try to find a geocache that Leslie and I looked for over a year ago.  I found JIMMY CRACK CORN fairly easily.  Then I completed my drive to Oneonta by getting back on 88.  One more stop in Oneonta at WalGreens for milk and then on to home.  Not long after that Christa posted on facebook that she was happy to find a smoking lounge and a Dunkin Donuts within feet of her terminal at
the Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C..
Boy did she luck out!!! She LOVES Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, and there are not any Dunkin' Donuts in Portland.

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