Thursday, May 23, 2013

Out and About in Oneonta with Christa

Christa arrived last night around ten or ten thirty p.m.

Today we headed into Oneonta around noon to have lunch at BROOKS HOUSE OF BBQ.  Brooks was very crowded, I think this was because some restaurants on Main Street were closed due to power outages from last nights storm.  Service was a bit slow, but the food was perfect, like it always is!  We both had half chicken dinners and brought some of it home.   Then we checked out the gift shop in back, and Christa bought some pens to use at work.

We went to the library and Christa was able to use one of their computers to register for an obstacle course she and some others from her job are going to participate in early next month.  She showed me video of some of the obstacles along the course.  We chose several DVDS and I got a couple of books.

We stopped at the corner deli where Cody Gibson works and met the owner and looked around. They have quite a selection of beer!

Then we went to Neahwa Park and walked around the lake twice.  Then we went to the "Vintage Store" on Main Street.  We saw a Minnie Mouse figurine, and I purchased it for a friend who collects everything Minnie Mouse.  On the way back home we stopped at Dunkin Donuts and Christa got some iced coffee, which she said was "heaven".  They do not have Dunkin Donuts in Portland, Oregon.

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