Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flash Mob Adventure

Today was a glorious spring day.  I met up with Leslie at nine a.m.  and we drove to Cooperstown for the FLASH MOB event at LakeView Park.  I think we were the first ones there, and I suggested we look for the new geocache hidden by Mr.Science.  By the time we got over to the location of it, someone else was already looking.  Then GPSBarb came and she found it.  Eventually, I found it, too.

The event was small, but there were prizes and I won a fully stocked geocache. Leslie won some waterproof paper to use in geocaches!  Here is the group pic:  

After the event,  Leslie and I set out for a day of geocaching.  The first one we found was NIMROD's ARE US.  The best thing that happened today was that while we were looking for Uncle Sam Passed One in the old Presbyterian Cemetery in Fly Creek, a woman came over to see if we were interested in anything specific in the cemetery.  She came from the Fly Creek Historical Society across the road.  She and others were getting ready for a pancake breakfast tomorrow.  She said we could go into the museum, so we did. The museum is in the old Fly Creek Grange Hall.  It was very interesting especially the stage upstairs, which is used by the Glimmerglass Opera for several weeks in the summer.

Altogether we got TWELVE smilies for the event and eleven for actual finds.  We didn't have a single DID NOT FIND today, which is probably the first time that ever happened!!!

The final cache is hidden at this roadside icon on Route 28 south of Cooperstown.  Once we got back to Oneonta, I dropped Leslie off at Price Chopper so she could make a purchase and I went over to  Arby's and got a much needed cold drink.

It was a GREAT day!!!!

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