Monday, May 20, 2013


After running errands this morning, I met up with Connie at the PLAINS where we had lunch.  It was a very nice lunch.  I can't remember the name of the sandwich I had, but it was mozzerella cheese and sliced tomato on ciabatta bread.  It was very good!

After lunch, we walked on the trails behind the Plains.  We became concerned when we ran into an elderly woman who seemed a bit confused.  While we were debating whether or not we should do something to help out, she found her way to the beginning of the trail and was on her way out to the parking area.

We ran into a man who was picking some sort of plant, the word "garlic" was in the name of it.  He said that it tends to overtake other plants.

While walking, I told Connie about SOUTHWIND FARMS.  She seemed interested so I offered to take her up there, but she was too tired.  So, I went by myself and bought some cabbage, asparasus and Palatine Cheese.  On the way back, I stopped for a few minutes to explore an area which may have been a small village or hamlet at one time:  MAPLE GROVE.  There is a building that looks like it may have been the post office and across the street a small church.

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