Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinner at The Old Mill: Mt. Upton, New York

My elderly lady friend (Muriel) who died a couple of years ago LOVED this restaurant. She and I talked about going there many times, but it never happened, and then it was too late. In honor of her, I invited a friend to accompany me to THE OLD MILL so that I could see for myself why she liked it so much.

Tonight was their 2012 opening night and an ad in the Pennysaver said they were offering deserts at the 1946 prices. Terry and I met up in Morris and I drove to Mt. Upton. I took Terry on a brief driving tour of the village, showing her some ruins on the river, the small supermarket and school which are empty, and the old train depot which is now used as an historical society.

Our reservations were for 4:30 p.m. and even though we arrived early, another car was also there in the parking lot waiting. Another arrived a minute later.

We browsed the gift shop while waiting to be taken into the restaurant. We were given a great window seat with a view of the river.

Before we even ordered we were given this tray of Wisconson Cheddar Cheese and assorted crackers.

I ordered the SALMON CAKES and Terry ordered a HAM SLICE WITH PINEAPPLE SAUCE. Before we were finished with our crackers and cheese, we were given a relish tray which was really neat! It had several salads including a kidney bean salad, a garbanzo bean salad, cottage cheese, a fruit salad and a couple more items. It was very good! We did not do it justice. Then rolls and butter and our salads came.
Honestly we were pretty full when our meal arrived. Each of us were able to eat about half of our meal.

For desert we ordered OLD FASHIONED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, for the price of thirty five cents! It was great!

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