Friday, April 13, 2012


My original plans for today were to go on a STAFF FUN DAY with my co-workers, but several of them came down with pinkeye, so we cancelled. My second plan was to go geocaching with Leslie, but then she remembered that she had to accompany her father to a medical appointment, so we decided to wait and go geocaching another time when she has more time available. So, I decided to get get my hair permed and was on my way out the door when Connie called and said that her appointment to have her teeth cleaned was suddenly cancelled and "its a perfect day to go to Pine Lake". So, I changed my plans and we decided to meet at Gerster's for lunch and then go over to Pine Lake. Before meeting up with Connie I went to the fishing access at the end of Morningside Drive and found "fight off the skeeters" geocacahe.

Connie had an incident in the parking lot of Gerster's when she arrived. While driving over a huge round metal thing sitting in a shallow hole, the "thing" changed position and she heard some AWFUL metal on metal scraping and hitting. She had a Gersters employee call the owner, and he came and talked to her and told her to take her minivan to her mechanic and get it checked out. We ordered GRILLED REUBENS and it took an awful long time for them to come, but they were delicious!

I followed Connie to Pine Lake where we had a glorious hike! She had brought her dog, Petey with her. I took a LOT of pictures, and here are a few:

I had taken information to find a geocache hidden at Pine Lake, but when we got within a couple of hundred feet, my GPS started going wacky. First I would head off in the direction of the arrow and after several feet, the arrow would change, so I would change direction, but then the arrow would switch direction AGAIN. After doing this routine a half a dozen times, I decided to just enjoy the hike, the fresh air and the beautiful trees!

After our hike, we decided to return to Gerster's for a piece of pie. Along the way there, I stopped to explore a tiny old cemetery I had seen on the way to Pine Lake. Here is a picture:
The pie from Gerster's was very good!

It was a glorious day!

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