Friday, March 30, 2012

Fish Fry and Roller Derby!!!

Terry and I went over to Columbus, New York for a fish fry dinner at the Columbus Community Church. It was really good! Then we went to Interskate 88 for this event: Geneen from work and Melissa from church are both involved in this, and always talking about how much fun it is, so I figured I needed to find out for myself.

The parking lot was almost full when I arrived at 6:30 p.m. Terry had already found seats and I met up with her inside. I never really figured out what it was all about, but I enjoyed seeing Melissa (Moira Pain) and Geneen (Punky Bruiser) out on the floor. Terry and I left about 2/3rds ofthe way through.


  1. Carolyn, Found you here, tracking a friend's reference to your Flickr photos of our monastery! He is editor of our national Church newspaper and with your permission, would like to use some in a feature article about our monastery's 35th anniversary this year. Let me know: Mother Raphaela, And thank you for the beautiful shots, whether or not you think it appropriate that they be used in that way.

    1. Mother Raphaela

      feel free to use any of my pictures,just give me credit for them (Carolyn Simmons)

      Thanks, Carolyn