Saturday, April 7, 2012

Historic Buildings and Geocacing: April 7, 2012

Leslie and I set out this morning to look for some historic buildings in the Town of Maryland and to do some geocaching. Our first stop was at SPENCER CEMETERY where Leslie found my FAR OUT geocache, and I retrieved the "extra" geocache hidden there.

I think this old, decaying train depot in the Village of Maryland was the first old building we found.

It is the D & H Depot. At one time the train master also ran the post office in the same building. According to A PICTORAL ESSAY OF THE TOWN OF MARYLAND, this old depot is on Depot Street, but the name of the street must have been changed to Factory Street later on.

Here are a couple of other old places we found in or near the Village of Maryland.

We had lunch at Chris's Pizzeria in Worcester, New York and found several geocaches between Worcester and Richmondville.

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