Friday, April 6, 2012

Woodhaven Woods

This sign will soon be a "ghost sign" so I decided to take a picture of it when I can. The Woodhaven Golf Course has been sold and the new owner will be changing the name.
Connie and I met up at the former Woodhaven Golf Course in order to take a walk. We had just gotten out of our cars when the new owner of the golf course, Phil, approached us and asked us not to walk in the golf course area because he has men and equipment putting new trees up. We said we could walk in the woods just outside of the golf course. The woods are on his property. Just before we headed into the woods, three little boys who wanted to look for golf balls came up. Phil told them not to go into the golf course area and suggested that they look for golf balls in the piles of dirt dredged up from the pond.

Our walk in the woods was short but very nice. Here are some pictures I took.
Also, I took this picture of Connie and her dog, Petey.

When it came time to leave, Connie suggested we go out for a slice of pizza at THE LONG ISLAND PIZZERIA in West Oneonta. I agreed, but when we got there, she changed her mind and wanted something sweet, so we split an order of pizolli's..which are small donuts made from a 90 year old Gilbertsville recipe!

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