Thursday, April 26, 2012


I set up a time to meet with the proprietors of the BIBLIOBARN, a used and rare book shop in S. Kortright, New York. This morning I loaded up the back of my station with several boxes of books that I had collected over the years and headed to South Kortright. I used my GPS navigator and it took me on some back roads. Not too far from HANFORD MILLS, I saw this interesting decrepit house
and on the same road but closer to S. Kortright, I saw this old cemetery.
I would have hidden a geocache here but I did not have one with me! The BIBLIOBARN was easy to find and I knew the minute I saw it
that I was going to LOVE IT! And I was right!!! H.L. came right out to my Pacifica and loaded my books onto a small gurney and took them inside. He and his wife,Linda, looked them over quickly and Linda even went on the internet to find information about values on a few of the books. They bought some, and I donated the rest to the "dime shack". There were three more that they found to be valuable, but they do not have a market for that kind of book, so I decided to keep those three. They gave me a tour of the place. Originally, they had the entire upstairs as living space, but the bookstore part kept expanding and now their entire living space consists of a small corner upstars: an area smaller than my living room. Linda pointed out a folded up futon that she said they pull out at night. All in all, this is an amazing place. I am glad that I have MORE books to take out to them. Here are a few pictures taken inside.
The BIBLIOBARN is for sale and they will be moving their 39,000 books to their shop in Margaretville. I am glad I found this place before their move. When I left the BIBLIOBARN, I spent a few minutes taking pictures in the Village of South Kortright. And then I went on to Stamford where I found one geocache (GENESIS ONE), and had lunch at the Peachtree Cafe
before heading back towards Oneonta. It was a good day!

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