Thursday, April 19, 2012

Geocaching April 19, 2012

Leslie and I met up at ten a.m. today at her house and with her at the wheel, we took off for a day of geocaching. Our first stop was at the Neptune Diner, where we looked for one of Mr.Science's Jeopardy caches GAS PLANET. I was ready to give up when Leslie found it. Then we headed up Route 29 and found another of Mr.Science's jeopardy geocaches NOTABLE PRISON ESCAPES. From there we went to the Town of Middlefield to a tiny cemetery where we found ROOTS, SHOOTS AND GHOSTS. Once again, I was sure that Leslie was looking in the wrong place, but she wasn't. This geocache was way down at the bottom of a hollow stump, attached to a piece of fishing wire that she pulled the cache up by.

Then we ended up at a fishing access spot right near a closed bridge. The terrain down to the fishing area (and area of the cache) was pretty steep and rough, so I waited while she looked. She was not successful. I had an opportunity to take several pictures of the Susquehanna River from this picturesque spot.

We stopped at a beautiful pond that we do not know the name of and I found IrishTala's HAPPY TRAILS.

Then we found the location of another geocache: Eau De Beaver. However, we could NOT find the geocache even though we looked for about twenty minutes. It was another picturesque beaver pond:
Then it was on to Route 205 in Hartwick, and just north of the village I found another geocache in another tiny, old cemetery. The name of the cache is Piermott Place, but the name of the cemetery is Butterfield Cemetery. It is very well maintained, and only has a few graves.

We had lunch at Jerry's Place outside of Hartwick and found a geocache there IS THE KING LACTOSE INTOLERANT? I had a sausage, onion and peppers sandwich and Leslie had a beef and cheddar sandwich and we shared an order of curly fries. The prices are fair, the service is very good and the decor is interesting. I really liked the collection of fifties and sixties lunchboxes. Jerry's Place has a nice gameroom in the back.

After leaving Jerry's Place, I found another one of Mr.Sciences Jeopardy caches (something to do with forestry management) and then it was on to look for Goey Pond.

This geocache is called CELTIC HIGHLAND and it is hidden across the road from Goey Pond. We drove down a pretty rough dirt to get there. It was kind of a steep walk up to the cache, so I stayed behind while Leslie looked for it and found it. Here is a pic. of Goey Pond.
Goey Pond by JuneNY
Goey Pond, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

Leslie is thinking about possibly someday taking her inner tube and paddling across the pond to find one or two other geocaches.

We arrived back in Oneonta around 3:15 p.m. It was a great day. My total tally of geocaches found was eight.

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