Sunday, April 22, 2012

From HORSES to HOPS Adventure: Sunday 22, 2012

Carol and I decided to go to the open house at Taylor's Tack and Field in Brookfield, New York. We arrived around 10:30 a.m. Nothing seemed to be happening and things were somewhat disorganized. We looked around in the tack shop and got some free coffee, hot chocolate and cookies in one of the barns. After that, we hung around a while, thinking that things might liven up as it got closer to the time for the auction. A nice young boy named Jonah must have noticed that I was looking bored, so he offered to show me his horse, Merlin. I think Jonah's grandmother lives next door to the tack shop, and he lives further away. He goes to school in Madison, New York.

After they started putting the auction items out and Carol had a chance to look at them, she said that she wanted to leave. While in Brookfield, we went right by the location of BROOKFIELD STEEL ANGEL geocache, and Carol suggested we stop on the way back, but I mentioned to her that some geocachers have mentioned the large number of bees that found them while they were searching.

After leaving the open house, we stopped here so she could say hello to her friend Karen. Carol enjoyed petting Tom the turkery: This was much more interesting than the open house. Karen has several LARGE turkeys and lots of other animals. This is her goat, Houdini:

For lunch we decided to see if we could make it in time to the Pittsfield Fire Department which was offering a chicken dinner. Although it looked like they were cleaning up when we arrived, we were not too late. The chicken dinner was great:
a half a chicken, potatoes, two sides (I chose beans and coleslaw), roll and butter, drink and desert for $8.00. We thoroughly enjoyed this!

After Carol dropped me off, I headed back towards Pittsfield so I could take a picture of the Beardsley Hops House that I read about in LANDMARKS OF OTSEGO COUNTY.
here it is:
Hops House: Pittsfield, NY by JuneNY
Hops House: Pittsfield, NY, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

The Beardsley Farm was originally settled in l799 and the hops house which remains is
one of the few surviving examples in Otsego County.

It was a great way to spend part of the day!

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